On Lunch #12 “Normal Is You”

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“Normal Is You,” #12 in Robert A Lyon's On Lunch series. Poem will be typed on a 1935 Remington Portable Model 5 typewriter. The paper used may vary from the photo and will be chosen at the discretion of Robert A Lyon based on what is in stock at the time of purchase. Each piece will have variation as the item will be newly typed and unique. Errors are not retyped, you will receive a one of a kind piece with all it's quirkiness.

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On Lunch #12 “Normal Is You”

On Lunch #12

“Normal is you”

One of the worst self inflicted crimes is to lose your identity, to conform to what society or people tell you to be, to accept life is lived only to their standard. Don’t ever lose the special part that makes you beautiful, the inner self that brings you into existence with essence and soul, the part no one can claim as their own but you as an individual. Always stay true to that glow deep inside alive in you. You are special in your uniqueness, remember that and never allow anyone else to question. If they do, just smile and let your soul free. Normal is being you.