“Chasm of Beings” A Love Letter #8

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“Chasm of Beings,” #8 in Robert A Lyon's A Love Letter series. Poem will be typed on a 1935 Remington Portable Standard 5 typewriter. The paper used may vary from the photo and will be chosen at the discretion of Robert A Lyon based on what is in stock at the time of purchase. Each piece will have variation as the item will be newly typed and unique. Errors are not retyped, you will receive a one of a kind piece with all it's quirkiness.

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A Love Letter #8

I will find you in my dreams and run to you in my soul where my outstretched arms will caress your body in loving embrace. Can you not come to me now and kiss me on my lips, I need to taste the lips of something pure, the lips of the one that will take all my pain, all the sorrow from my soul she takes it all from me and I live in the comfort of her gaze, of her touch and her love that tastes the life of me and sucks the air of my lungs beating and breathing she is always inside me.