“Chase The Night” A Lyrical Whispers #10

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“Chase The Night,” #10 in Robert A Lyon's Lyrical Whispers series. Poem will be typed on a 1935 Remington Portable Standard 5 typewriter. The paper used may vary from the photo and will be chosen at the discretion of Robert A Lyon based on what is in stock at the time of purchase. Each piece will have variation as the item will be newly typed and unique. Errors are not retyped, you will receive a one of a kind piece with all it's quirkiness.

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Chase The Night, Lyrical Whispers #10

Chase The Night

In the early morning glow
When the sun rises
I think I see parts of us
Scattered dreams
That chase the night away
“Awake” they say shake intrepid dreams out of our eyes the stars that shine, oh dost they light upon thee and make the world rise, all the angels sing the songs that wake all those who slumber, the song of songs that ignite a fire under the souls of the ones whose dreams reach inside and pull out the light of the day born anew

A Lyrical Whispers #10 poem
By Robert A Lyon