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Robert A Lyon Lyrical Whispers Sale
Lyrical Whispers sale

Any writings not listed below can be purchased by following these steps:

  • Use to send Twenty ($20) US dollars to for the first piece.  The cost of two pieces is Thirty ($30) US dollars, and each additional piece after that is an additional Ten ($10) US dollars.
  • In the notes tell me the series name(s) and #’s and whether you want freshly typed copies from my typewriter or blown up prints from my printer.  It is fine to mix and match, just specify which are to be what format.
  • Be sure to include your address if it is not already included.
  • International orders outside the USA should add ($7) US dollars per order.
  • All purchases above include tax and shipping, shipped via USPS signed and sealed.
  • Feel free to email me with any questions, please specify “Ordering Information” in the subject of your email.


*A Note about purchases through All transactions are handled by third party providers (Paypal or MasterCard) and are submitted securely over an encrypted link (SSL) which is forced at checkout. Robert A Lyon never receives your financial data (i.e. credit card information). Only your contact information is provided to Robert A Lyon and that information is kept strictly confidential in accordance with this website’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and will never be shared with anyone.

Thank you for your support, you are what helps me create.

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